Ramy Ayari: The price of battle

What is life like as an LGBT activist in Tunisia?


Story of a “White Russian” Woman 1/2

Fleeing Russia for France. Itinerary of a refugee countess during the XXth Century.


Café Sarajevo: a Short Story

In Canada, you still can bump into refugees from the Yugoslav wars.


Belgium: from War to Sport

The exil loneliness does not belong to the gym.

Let them speak up 4/4

"I think people who are refugees are the people who should speak about it"

Let them speak up 2/4

"There's very obvious racism when people talk about refugees"

Let them speak up 1/4

A series of video testimonies directed by MEDIAFUGEES


Bosnia-Herzegovina: Born a Writer

How to accurately tell a history when it was lived in another language?


Humanitarian Bubbles in the City

A symbol of their presence and of our indifference


Mohamed’s Fight 3/4

It might be trivial objects for you: for us, it’s life insurance.


Ottawa: a new WhatsApp Tool created for Refugees

This device will facilitate access to services and information.

Ali Jamshidifar’s cartoon #2

State visit of France to the United States. Macron and Trump, a special friendship.


Asylum in Canada: the Newcomer’s Fantasy

John has fantasized a lot about Canada. But reality is slightly different.


Mohamed’s Fight 1/4

Iraq: to be born on the wrong side of the tracks.


Would Greek Court Decision Set a Precedent for Deportations?

The Supreme Administrative approved the deportation of two Syrian refugees.


Appealing but Misleading: Jean-Claude Juncker Reverses Reality

EU has reduced the loss of life in the Mediterranean. But is that enough?


Indonesia: Creation and Femininity

What is it to be a 20 year old Pakistani girl in Indonesia?