Over the past few months, we have been featured in multiple medias. Among them: Toronto Star, Radio Nova, la RTBF, Medium Large sur Radio Canada, Métro, CBC DaybreakLe Devoir, Gravel le Matin sur Radio Canada Première, RFI, Radio Canada International, Le Bonbon, VPR (USA), JSource, Toute la culture, CISM, Info Migrants

MEDIAFUGEES is an international nonprofit news platform committed to changing the narrative around refugees and those living in exile. We provide a platform for people to report and share their stories, from international news to reflections on life in their adopted country. All our content is created by people displaced from their country of origin.


We are a springboard for refugee and exiled journalists. We support the reportage of professional and beginning journalists. 


Through media and storytelling we want to challenge what people know and understand about refugees and those living in exile. When men, women and children are displaced, they are forced to migrate to unfamiliar places — they are not burdens on society, but are active, participating members of their adopted communities. They are people building new homes. MEDIAFUGEES aims to amplify their voices. Now, it’s time to listen.


Our contributors are journalists, activists, artists, professors — they are actors of a new world, a transnational world. They enlighten us on the world of today and give voice to those who never get the mic. They are the spirit of MEDIAFUGEES.


” We should make sure that no one feels excluded from the common civilization which is being born […] Everyone should be able to include in what he/she considers to be his/ her identity a new component, which is called upon to take more and more importance in the new century, the new millennium: the sense of belonging to the human adventure. “

From Amin Maalouf’s Les Identités Meurtrières, Editions Grasset & Fasquelle (1998).


We believe the migratory issue is a global one, so we want to respond in a holistic way. We aspire to be accessible everywhere and to develop ourselves in a way that allows any refugee to participate.


Our media is accessible to all: thus, while we publish primarily in French and English, our contributions are also published or subtitled in the native language of the contributors. In the long term, we would like to see our content accessible in all languages spoken by people in exile. Our content is free and will remain so.


Fighting oppression

We stand against any kind of oppression whether it is sexism, racism, speciesism or any intersectional oppression. We believe that oppression is continued through structural mechanisms, and that in order to challenge injustice, we must challenge the status quo.


We believe it will take all of us to end systems of oppression, but if we are to be successful, we must first listen and follow those who experience injustice. Now, we observe that refugees and people facing exile face many injustices within their asylum societies. This is the reason why we are giving them – and only them – a space to show others the way to stand against these very injustices.


Popular education
By offering key information and tools for emancipation and integration, we are part of the popular education movements that work for social transformation, and promote the emancipation of individuals and empower citizens to act.


We want to make MEDIAFUGEES a vector of social progress. And we believe there is no social progress without environmental coherence. Thus in our practises, on a daily basis, we strive to be a model for a sustainable organization.


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