What is the concept of MEDIAFUGEES?

MEDIAFUGEES is a multimedia, transnational, bilingual and non-profit platform that offers to people in exile a space to report and share their stories and point of views.

Why did we pick the name “MEDIAFUGEES”?

“Fugees” is the equivalent of Refugees in slang. It is not by chance that the eponymous group is called that: it is a direct reference to refugees who fled Haiti in the 1980s.

MEDIAFUGEES thus comes from the fusion between the words “media” and “fugees”.

Who is a refugee according to MEDIAFUGEES?

We cannot limit the notion of «refugee person» to those who have obtained international protection within the meaning of the Geneva Convention of 1951. We make no distinction between those fleeing war, hunger, dilapidated hospitals or rising waters. For us, every person forced into exile is a refugee. In a regular or irregular situation in the host country, these  people facing exile deserve to be heard without distinction.

Is it mandatory to be a refugee or to face/have faced exile to be part of the project?

No! Publications are produced by refugees and individuals in exile but people wishing to become volunteers within our organization are welcome as long as they agree with the project’s core principle that only people in exile can publish on MEDIAFUGEES.

Why did you choose to give voices to individuals in exile only?

MEDIAFUGEES notes that people in exile are subject to an intense media coverage. They are represented as either threats or victims, whereas their voices are never heard.

MEDIAFUGEES wants to offer a platform to refugee people – and only them – so they can freely express themselves.

I am facing exile and I would like to contribute but I don’t speak English or French, can I be part of the project anyway?

Yes. MEDIAFUGEES displays an entirely bilingual platform. Every format is, at least, offered in French and English. In addition, we encourage our contributors to work in their native language. Thus we involve a network of translators who allow our contributors to work in a language with which they feel comfortable.

I am an expatriate, I left my country by choice, can I offer a contribution?

No. Nevertheless, even if MEDIAFUGEES only displays publications by individuals in exile, non-exiles are very welcome to join our team or work as volunteers. You can also donate to the project here.

My parents were refugees or have faced exile years ago, but I was born in their asylum country. Can I offer a contribution?

No. But your parents can: MEDIAFUGEES intends to give voices to refugees of yesterday and today.

I already broadcast content produced by people in exile, may I send it to you?

We only broadcast original content on our platform. Nevertheless, we are very much interested in producing content with partners. In the same way, we regularly share other platforms’ content on our Twitter feed. Get in touch!

I am a journalist and I specialize in migratory issues. But I am not a refugee myself. Can I contribute anyway?

You cannot produce content. MEDIAFUGEES intends to give voices to individuals facing exile. Nevertheless, you can contact us if you would like to join our team.

I am an asylum seeker or I am in migration. I need help. Can MEDIAFUGEES help me?

Unfortunately we do not have the human resources to offer social and legal support to people in migration, however if you contact us we will do our best to find information about the local associations that could help you.

Did MEDIAFUGEES publish something you find oppressive or stigmatizing?

Tell us. We are not perfect, but we aim to offer some inclusive and non-stigmatizing content. We stand against all kind of oppressions. Get in touch if you feel one of our publication was oppressive and we’ll work on it.